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    Incredible, wonderful... I can't name it enough, it was what I had been waiting for since January and I had no idea what it was. And the top designer. I loved seeing Carl teleported! Happy and at peace for meeting you!

    Anelise, 53 years old.

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      Cine Class

      At Future Campus we emulate a cinema screen projection maintaining the experience of immersion and interaction between users. All existing content does not need to be rewritten.


      Content recorded with an infinite background allows us to use Chroma Key to empower the user to teleport the instructor, teacher, lecturer or content producer to any of the numerous virtual environments available.


      Content recorded in real environments with a 360º camera. allow us to offer users the most immersive and interactive experience.

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        Who is Behind

        Future Campus is a project that was built by a team of people who believe that education can change people's lives. This team is formed by important university researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals, who have different skills and work directly in activities of construction and sharing of knowledge in multiple contexts. With the combination of different skills, the FC team believes that the democratization of knowledge can be exponentially enhanced with the help of disruptive technologies combined with the gamification of all activities, making knowledge accessible through courses, lectures, training and other forms knowledge generation. The purpose of the FC team is to change the world through education. Come be part of the change, be Future Campus!


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